Thursday, June 24, 2010

Still Rocking and Living

So it's been quite a while since I've made a post on this blog and it is not because there has not been anything to write about either. More like a lack of time of time with which to post my thoughts. In the past year I've purchased a house, worked an average of sixty hours a week, maintained a long distance relationship, witnessed the transformation of my youngest sister graduate high school and blossom into adulthood (granted what kind of adult remains to be seen). I've experienced many new things, relived some old ones, but mainly I've grown a lot and remembered who I am as a person. I am rejoicing in the pleasure of my youth and thankful to the wisdom I gain as I get older.

I may be getting older by that I have an "office day job", left my twenties, and bought a house, but I still love my weekend drink slinging job, my road trips to see bands and my constant youthful questioning of anything that "should be done because everyone else does it". And as my friends such Dave and Dann get older, we may have our separate paths, I still hold these two hooligans as close to my heart and bloggin buddies. I congratulate Dave's anniversary for his blog and dedicate my comeback to his request out of forced retirement. I will leave with some music (as I usually do) that describes me in my youth but that still apply to me later in life. The band Hypernova is something I heard on NPR and you can read there story here.

Video for Fairy Tales

MP3 for "Viva La Resistance"

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Dave said...

Nice post, I'm glad you're back... for now! I look forward to future readings here.