Friday, March 24, 2006

A Birthday of a Thousand Feasts

This is the crew (from L to R: Jenny (Jimmy), Dann, Cole (Butters) , Me!(Crazygayzian), David (the Debil) at the awesome Sushi Neko.

So a couple of weeks ago I turned 26 years old (March 6 to be exact) and once again missed the hoopla about getting older. I know that the GLTB community is ageist and men do not like getting older, but I am less worried about it. My other, albeit darker half, will turn 33 this April and is not pleased. He was not pleased when he turned 30 as well. Maybe it is because Asian culture honors the older members of society as being wiser and more honorable, or that I believe age allows for more lessons in life to be learned (hopefully), I enjoy the aspect of living and aging. Granted, the aspect of dying is still neeeding some time, we all know it comes (unless you are one of those creature things, the debil?).
Besides all that, I did have a really great time with my freinds and family taking me out to eat at various parts of the week. I grew up in a family where cooking for one another and eating together were our methods of showing care for each other. Maybe that is why I place such high value on food and eating with others, or by myself. In my mind eating with friends and family is one of the greatest joys you can have in life. Add some alcohol and/or wine and it becomes even greater. So, what I am saying is thank you all who enjoyed the birthday of a thousand feasts with me, I really do appreciate it. Oh yeah, I actually only went to three dinners with groups of people (and one by myself personal lunch) , but David jr. (AKA the debil) gets jealous when attention does not fly his way, in which everything greatly becomes exagerated (i.e. the thousand feasts), but of course he celebrates his birthday for one whole month.

David and me (with his family) at Deep Fork.

It looks like someone is jealous, what do you guys think? The second picture shows David being punished by only being allowed to have one strawberry for dinner.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Jewerly that Screams Fabulous and then just Hisses

I wish this picture was bigger, but as you guys might have guessed some BORED "artist" has turned a living Madagascar hissing beatle into jewerly! Yes, this "artist" has encrusted these babies with DIAMONDS and other fine sparklies so that you may wear them to your favorite ball or evening event. I saw this news report on CNN Headline News (watch the video!), and Robin the newscaster warned all people eating breakfast to put down their spoons before the clip aired. These babies can be bought at a store for $40. or $80. by ordering them via-mail. Yes, they are alive and as you can see in the picture, they have a leash so as you don't lose your investment under someone's Prada shoes. Just to let you know I just spent $200. on these babies with a direct mailing route via Dann's House.

Oh, here is another crazy little picture, let me know exactly what you guys think this inventor intended when he made this bad boy? For some reason I see Dann with a bog ole smile on his face? Supposedly it is to preserve your banana on your hazardous trek to the office or school..HHHHHmmmmmmmm, sure it is. Dirty people.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Fat Cats and the American Way

Hello all, sorry for the delay but my professors are working me to the bone. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, a small culture segment ran of CNN Headline News about a man who had a 30lb cat in China (and no it was not so he could eat it). I am not sure of the social significance of this story, if he won a record or what not, but it got me to thinking about a couple of things. In this day and age of a globalizing economy, modernization, and free trade (of wealth, ideas, and culture), this 30lb Chinese Cat is a sure sign of the fall of the so called quasi-communist state in China and the ever far reaching grasp of capitalism and consurmerism. Seriously, why would anyone, as the owner of the cat in this segment did, take pride in the fact that you now own a cat that needs to be helped up on the bed (Chinese beds are generally on the floor) and will have a significantly lower life span, besides the fact your free mousetrap no longer can catch its prey, but as David would say, they (the Chinese) probably eat the mice as well. A free trade of ideas does not worry me and can actually be a wonderful thing. The scary part is whose ideas are we idolizing? Consurmerism (I know we all participate, but I refer to the needless kind), greed, and sloth are definitely not the attributes that I would love to see intersect every culture. Well anyway, just some rantings, gotta go eat some lunch. Oh yeah, in my searching on the subject I found a website (Help for Dieting Cats) for dieting cats, now this is truly Americana at its best.