Friday, March 24, 2006

A Birthday of a Thousand Feasts

This is the crew (from L to R: Jenny (Jimmy), Dann, Cole (Butters) , Me!(Crazygayzian), David (the Debil) at the awesome Sushi Neko.

So a couple of weeks ago I turned 26 years old (March 6 to be exact) and once again missed the hoopla about getting older. I know that the GLTB community is ageist and men do not like getting older, but I am less worried about it. My other, albeit darker half, will turn 33 this April and is not pleased. He was not pleased when he turned 30 as well. Maybe it is because Asian culture honors the older members of society as being wiser and more honorable, or that I believe age allows for more lessons in life to be learned (hopefully), I enjoy the aspect of living and aging. Granted, the aspect of dying is still neeeding some time, we all know it comes (unless you are one of those creature things, the debil?).
Besides all that, I did have a really great time with my freinds and family taking me out to eat at various parts of the week. I grew up in a family where cooking for one another and eating together were our methods of showing care for each other. Maybe that is why I place such high value on food and eating with others, or by myself. In my mind eating with friends and family is one of the greatest joys you can have in life. Add some alcohol and/or wine and it becomes even greater. So, what I am saying is thank you all who enjoyed the birthday of a thousand feasts with me, I really do appreciate it. Oh yeah, I actually only went to three dinners with groups of people (and one by myself personal lunch) , but David jr. (AKA the debil) gets jealous when attention does not fly his way, in which everything greatly becomes exagerated (i.e. the thousand feasts), but of course he celebrates his birthday for one whole month.

David and me (with his family) at Deep Fork.

It looks like someone is jealous, what do you guys think? The second picture shows David being punished by only being allowed to have one strawberry for dinner.

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Dave said...

Tell Dann that it's O.K. to wear other shirts NOT made by Ralph Lauren!