Friday, March 27, 2009

Can You Feel Emotion In This Song?

Fists Up - The Blow

Fists Up! :
i have tried
my hopes have blossomed
and my hopes have fried,
i tried to cut them all down
but i found hopes were still living deep inside,
like a team of renegade lovers
working long hours sneaking around
with a belief in the life of our love,
like a light at the end at the end
of a long tunnel; a struggle

fist up!
for all their faith in one preceding a face,
they really do believe that if
they hang on long enough
that you'll come around
and finally let it show
and all their hopes will be rewarded
for their impetus to grow,
well utopian piece would fall across the land
you'll reach over for my hand,
you'll really want to hold my hand

And i don't want to come to the point of this song,
because the point of this song
would happen to be so long.

It gets hard:
the vigilantes can't agree on who's in charge,
they gave their souls for the cause
but the love that they were after is still at large
see this faith in which they found allegiance
ripping at the seams as hope is running it's course
the rebels just cant muster the force
to walk the thin line between belief and delusion

fists up! for all their faith
in one preceding a face
they really did believe
that if they've hung on long enough
that you'd come around
and finally let it show
and all their hopes would be rewarded
for their impetus to grow
utopian peace would fall across the land
you'd reach over for my hand,
you would've really wanted to hold my hand

and i don't want to come to the point of this song because the point of this song would happen to be so long[long long long long long long long]

It was perfect you know
with just one little problem
the fact that it turns out
you don't really want it
my love is a fortress,
my love is a Louvre
but it cant ever thrive
if i'm forced to keep proving it.


Monday, March 02, 2009

I've Experienced This Plenty of Times

Hey kids, sorry I've been so busy as of late. I've been pulling 60 - 65 weeks between my two jobs. I've had lots to blog about but just not a lot of time. One little snippet of news that recently caught my attention was sent in one my daily Men's Health newsletters. I found this study to be quite interesting as that I have witnessed this many times in my life. Having been a waiter at a couple higher end restaurants and caterings you notice how people treat you and others quite quickly. This is also a problem I have when I date people as well.

Part of the reason I ask someone to a restaurant on a first date is exactly to watch how they interact with others, especially the wait staff. I believe that can say a lot about a person and their upbringing, as well as how they are to having their ideas challenged or just being open to new ideas. People that are interested in opinions, beliefs and cultures other than their own are generally more caring and sensitive to others and appreciative of what they have and what other people have to offer. People that easily disregard someone else's ideas, opinions or culture as beneath them or "wrong" often care little for others and have a sense of "entitlement." It is often the latter that get me worked up, and not in the good way. Anyway read this short news bit and I promise I will try harder to make more senseless postings....

Wealthy people tend to appear more distracted than their less well-off counterparts

No one drives a Hummer to be inconspicuous. Yet intentions aside, the cars we drive, clothes we wear, and places we live all offer clues to our socioeconomic status.

But what about more subtle signs? A new study says it’s possible to tell a person’s class simply by glancing at his or her body language.

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, studied videotapes of 50 conversations between pairs of strangers, and found that those with wealthy backgrounds fidget, yawn, doodle, and generally appear rude. But people who are less well-off make more of an effort to engage in conversation—nodding, laughing, looking directly at the other person, and raising their eyebrows when speaking.

It’s thought that those born into privilege feel less of a need to make a good impression when talking to others.

So seeing as you can say a lot without even opening your mouth, guarantee that you’ll stand out from the crowd and look (not act) like a million bucks—even on a tight budget...