Monday, January 08, 2007

Pets or Meat?

I love my Mental Floss Magazine. This is from their website.

The Cellar posted these crazy photos last week, and I couldn’t help but put ‘em up. Apparently, the perspective is partially to blame for the freaky size of these wittle wabbits (the camera does add 10lbs after all). But the angle isn’t entirely to blame. The super-sized lagomorphs weigh in at a sturdy 22lbs, and are the work of the pictured German breeder Karl Szmolinsky. Strangely enough, the biggest fans of Karl’s work seem to lie in Asia, as he’s sold 12 of his bunnies to the North Korean government. They, of course, are hoping that the creatures will breed like, well, rabbits. Just to be sure, however, Kim il Jong and company have invited Karl over to North Korea to set up a farming program to help feed the nation’s (starving) masses. Story via TheCellar.

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