Thursday, October 18, 2007

Uuuummm, Yeah! Gonna Be Afraid of The Toilet For A While...

So when I saw this story on CNN, I nearly shit myself and then suddenly didn't have to. This is reminiscent of all those B-movie "creature/ nature attacks" films of the 60's and 70's! Yikes.

Terror: Python Found In Brooklyn Toilet
Woman Gets Scare Of Her Life; Snake Apprehended

By Scott Rapoport, CBS 2 News

BROOKLYN (CBS) ― As far as nightmares go, this one's got to be right up there.

It's late at night. You get up to use the bathroom and guess what's waiting for you in your toilet?

Terror in the form of a slithering 7-foot python.

"He was swimming here," Nadege Brunacci said. "A big snake in my toilet bowl."

Last week, Brunacci was minding her own business -- doing her business -- in her Brooklyn bathroom when she peeked in the pooper and saw the massive snake.

"I thought I was having a hallucination," Brunacci said.

The serpent's head was staring up at her.

When asked what it looked like, Brunacci wasted little time.

"It looked like a python swimming in my toilet sir," she said with a laugh.

Needless to say, Brunacci felt a little flushed.

She said she called for help but no one believed her. Imagine that ... no one believed there was a 7-foot python in her toilet. Go figure.

"We just closed it and we put the biggest thing we had on top of it," Brunacci said.

She said the FDNY and some plumbers came after she flushed it down the toilet.

Eventually they removed the thing from a section of pipe right in the apartment downstairs.

No one knows where the snake came from or how it got there, but Brunacci says she's just glad it's gone -- if not forgotten.

"I just hope he's no more," she said. "And I do wait a long time now."

The snake is now at a Brooklyn animal retreat, which promised to find it a proper home -- most likely with a reptile rescue organization upstate.

City Health Department regulations prohibit keeping a python as a pet.

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