Friday, December 07, 2007

Congratulations Little Sister

Oh my little sister has always been a handful and now she has even more reason to think she is the shit. Last weekend she won the local Miss Eastern Oklahoma Pageant and is now preparing for the Miss Oklahoma Teen Pageant in June of next year. I have my own beliefs about pageants and dressing up little girls and young women and hyper-sexualizing them, but she is happy. Hopefully she will not make a fool of herself as so many of these women do. When I made her watch Little Miss Sunshine, she kept telling herself she didn't look like one of those little girls. I told her she was right, instead she looked like one of those girls, but just older. My family is telling me that she is requiring that we call her "Queen" for the time being. Sorry, but I already have that title reserved. Cheers to you little one.

She is the one of the left. My left.

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Dann said...

Tell V Congratualtions for me. Do you think she would settle for being called Queenie?