Friday, October 31, 2008

The Faint

So Wednesday night, I was to see a band I very much enjoy again, The Faint, with their supporting band, Over The Rainbow. With my friends Matt and Ricki in tow, we rocked a little club on Southside OKC and danced our asses off. It felt so good to be seeing these guys again and being comfortable in my element. It was such an emotional high for me, such as I often attain when rocking out to a band I enjoy, that I realized a couple of things. Events like these allow me feel as if I am not in Oklahoma anymore. I can leave behind the ignorance and machismo of the straight bar scenes and I leave the cliques and bitterness of the gay world behind. At events like this, people united by the love of a band don't care about the gay couple dancing together and the little emo boys and girls don't have to worry about getting pounded by drunk jocks and thrashed by back stabbing princesses. I was blessed to share this event with my friends and am really looking forward to my excursion to Dallas to see Cobra Starship.

Glass Danse - The Faint

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