Friday, December 08, 2006

Oklahoma Gets National Attention!

Man finds cocaine at Oklahoma Wal-Mart

EDMOND, Okla. - A man shopping at a Wal-Mart Supercenter found a surprise package in the toy section, a small plastic bag containing cocaine.

The man was shopping near bicycles Monday when he noticed an open pack of cigarettes under a shelf, according to an Edmond police report, and inside the pack was the small bag containing a white, powdery substance.

The substance was later identified as about one gram of cocaine and will be destroyed, police said.

That the substance was found and turned over to police was fortunate, according to police spokeswoman Glynda Chu, who said the amount could be lethal for a child.

"Being in the toy department, a child could easily have found it, and children will put anything in their mouths," she said.

Chu said the person who left the drug may have seen a uniformed police officer in the store and panicked, but investigators have no suspects.

"No, none at all, we don't really know why someone would leave cocaine, especially in the toy department of such a big department store.

"It's just incomprehensible that anyone would do this."

You know, you have to wonder if you might know the person that unwittingly lost there stash. You think they could find a better hiding place than there cigarette pack. Crazy kids!

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