Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Wii Adventure or Look at All Those Freaks!

I know this has been a long time coming, but hey I have a life and all that crap. Anyway, about three weeks ago David and I waited outside Best Buy on 63rd and May to purchase a Wii. David had been waiting since about 9 pm and I got there about 1am with food and blankets, which were promptly taken from me as you can see in the pictures. We met some cool kats and some new gaming buddies. We all survived minus the gunshots (kidding!) , water balloons filled with antifreeze and pee (?) hurled at us (not kidding) and below freezing temperatures! It was worth it for the experience alone. I am not a big gamer and have only logged in about 7 hours to David's and Lucas' 80 plus hours, but hey I have two jobs, a big test coming and a life. All in all, the system is definitely fun and addictive. Just don't lose your grip and hurl the remote into your T.V. . I already almost punched David trying to fish on the Zelda game. Oh, happy-day.

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