Friday, April 06, 2007

Ohh Praise Jesus!!??!

So it is Good Friday for those of those of the religious type. Here is what some people like to do to confirm that they love Jesus.

Friday, 29 March, 2002, 15:48 GMT
In pictures: Philippines crucifixions
Millions of people in the mainly Roman Catholic country of the Philippines celebrate Easter every year, with some penitents following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ even up to the point of being nailed to a cross.

From left, Rolly Turla, Ruben Enaje and Emerito Baking re-enact the crucifixion of Jesus Christ by having themselves nailed on the cross
Thousands of locals as well as curious tourists turned out to see three men being crucified at Cutud, in Pampanga province

Cult leader Winnie de Vera (l) wants peace in Zamboanga while Amparo Santos (r) was the only woman taking part
Amparo Santos (r) was the only woman taking part - for her 15th crucifixion - while cult leader Winnie de Vera hoped for peace

An unidentified resident drives a nail on the palms of Apolito Manansala
Real nails are used for the crucifixions though the devotees generally stay on the cross for minutes, not days

Hooded flagellants kneel in front of a chapel at Mandaluyong, Philippines
Hooded flagellants mimic the crucifixion before whipping themselves with chains to absolve them of their sins

An old man hits the back of a flagellant in suburban Mandaluyong City
A flagellant aims to share the pain of Jesus as he is beaten by a man with glass fragments embedded in a piece of wood

A penitent, dressed as Jesus Christ, is hit by residents of Mandaluyong during a re-enactment of Christ's last days
Crucifixions are an annual event in the Philippines, despite opposition from Church leaders who want less violent ceremonies

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