Monday, March 26, 2007

Birthday Pics

So another birthday has come and passed. Whoopee! I would like to thank everyone who came to Sushi Neko for Taylor and I's celebration this year and my sister who took me out to dinner. Thank you all, you are all beautiful. Well, I am still the youngest (actually I think Taylor is younger) and most beautiful out of all of you, even though if you based it on maturity I'd probably be the oldest. If you don't believe, the proof of everyone's jealousy is in the pics. Why do you think you guys are around? Just kidding, jeez. Here are some pics. Oh yeah, just because it looks like my friends think I am an alcoholic doesn't mean I am. I have not cracked open a single one of those bottles yet. Drinking in public doesn't count, right?

1 comment:

Dann said...

I don't know what you have on your teeth, but it scares me!