Friday, March 02, 2007

Nasty! Brush Your Teeth Fools!

From the Men's Health blog!! Ahhh! Going to brush, floss and listerine!

There's Something Between Your Teeth...

... and it may be killing you.

If you wanted to study periodontal disease (bad gums) where would you go?

Bloody hell—England, of course! A new study out of London seems to have nailed down the long-known connection between gum health and heart health, something Men's Health has been writing about for ages.

What happens is the bacteria in gums causes inflammation, and this inflammation spreads through your blood vessels, to your coronary arteries, where it can do serious damage. How serious? Serious as a heart attack, that's how serious.

The good news from the bad-teeth Brits: This is reversible. The study showed that those who were treated for gum disease showed significant improvement in "endothelial function" (the wideness nad elasticity of arteries) after 6 months.

Your treatment: floss.

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