Friday, March 02, 2007

Friends, Family and The Dragon Dance

So Feb 18th was the Lunar New Year. My family, a bunch of friends (most my mom's) and the rest of the crowd at Grand House restaurant enjoyed the Dragon Dance to celebrate the New Year and wish everyone good luck. Good times and good food were had and hopefully some good luck moved my way. Anyway here is some pics from the event. Sorry Dann it took so long. Dann was saying we were the whitest table at the event. I think he might be right. Till next year! Have a good pig year.
If you have never been to Grand House for their Asian style brunch on Sat or Sun you should definitely check it out. This is probably the most authentic Chinese food I've ever had in Oklahoma short of my mother's cooking. The only drawback is going without someone who has ever been there for "dim-sum", but the staff is helpful and they will let you know what you are getting. Think of it the as the latest rage of Spanish "tapas" (small plates), but Asian style and done for thousands of years. Here is a explanation of "Dim-sum" from the Grand House site.

How and when “Dim-Sum” started in China is not known for sure, but it can be traced to a rustic beginning prior to the time of the Tang Dynasty (618 A.D. to 907 A.D.). Since then, this epicurean mode of eating by sampling has been improved and expanded, and in time has reached the degree of sophistication you experience at Grand House.

In Chinese culture, it is a way of life for family members and friends to gather in their favorite restaurant to partake of a great variety of foodstuffs from the parade of trolleys. The bond of family closeness is cemented with the fun and enjoyment that come from savoring the many tidbits.

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