Monday, February 04, 2008

Another Problem We Share as Humans

Margaret Cho posted this today on her blog and I thought I would share it with you. Gay men are constantly aware of how we treat and idolize others with what we perceive is a perfect body. I agree with Cho that you need to confront yourself with the things you are not happy. It may not be pretty or easy, but I always feel better afterward, like its not such a big deal anymore. I can begin to see how trivial some things really are and then I can continue to becoming a well-rounded "healthy" person in every sense of the word. Ok, here it is...

Monday, February 04, 2008

How to Look Good Naked

I am completely into the new reality show "How to Look Good Naked" hosted by Carson Kressley. It is kind of like a traditional makeover show with shopping and finding the right clothes for your body type, hair/makeup, etc… except it is more goal oriented because at the end, Carson makes the women feel so confident that they are able to pose naked and have their glorious image blown up and splashed on the side of a building. I think it is wonderful, and of course there are lots of good crying opportunities because you see the process actually makes these women feel great about themselves and also how distorted our body images can become. Plus, Carson is so adorable and funny and cute – he plays the perfect fairy godmother.

We women are constantly at war with our bodies, it is hard to find amnesty for ourselves. I did it by dancing naked for a couple of years with "The Sensuous Woman." I think the best way to get over your body issues is to just flaunt your body at every opportunity. It is hard because the urge to criticize ourselves is overwhelmingly strong. I don't know why that is. I think that all bodies are beautiful in millions of different ways – but I get down on myself too! Since I became a dancer, I have felt much better about myself. I even did a naked photo shoot myself not too long ago, with my favorite photographer Austin Young. My friend Suhaila was there for moral support and she has done a lot of modeling. She gave me some good advice. "When you are being shot, try to think of a secret. Something beautiful. Something only you know. A secret. Hold onto that. Let them see the secret in your eyes. Feel it." Austin shot amazing photos of me that day. Afterward, Suhaila asked me, "What was your secret?"

I said, "I farted."

I guess it really wasn't a secret because they already knew about it!!

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