Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Lobby

So on Tuesday night, a new nightspot, The Lobby, held a reception for loyal customers of Sushi Neko to introduce their goods. I attended with Jason and enjoyed complimentary wine and samplings of their menu. Many, many samplings of their various smoked salmon with wasabi and ginger caviar, duck with homemade mustard sauce and various cheese and meat paninis. My glass was rarely empty as it was filled with Hayman and Hill Cabernet and Angeline Pinot Noir, both perfect pairings with the accompanying goodies. Also served were some of their white wines, but I never made it that far. Our glasses were constantly being refilled and our plates overcrowded with samples by a very helpful, smiling, and courteous staff. My friend Tyson, who manages at Musashi's and a waitress Lisa were very helpful in answering our questions about The Lobby and providing us with information about the items served.

The Lobby is a new addition to the Will Rogers Theater and is brought to you by those who own Sushi Neko and Musashi's. The lobby is located where Will's Coffee shop was located, but do not fear as they still serve all their coffee creations plus some new ones that include alcohol for bitterly cold Oklahoma days.
In addition, the menus selection has been expanded to include paninis, my favorite being the Shrimp and Manchego (6.95) along with various soups and salads. For the crowd who wants a little more, The Lobby has also expanded to serve liquor, beer and a nicely priced wine selection. To go along with your glass of wine The Lobby has also joined with Chef Kurt Fleischfresser of the Coach House to bring some fine delectables. An assortment of cheese can be had from their one, two or three cheese plates ( 3.50, 7.00, and 9.50) as well as an assortment of flavored caviars. My favorite being sampled was the Wasabi Whitefish caviar (2oz 22.00). Hhhhhhhmmm delicious! They also serve various pates such as the Duck Terrine (5.50) and seasonal salmon, the House Smoked (6.50) being my favorite. Don't worry red meat eaters, The Lobby also carries various smoked and cured meats platters served with their homemade mustard sauce.
If you are still craving more after all that The Lobby also serves various desserts from Apple Pie (3.50) to their Coconut Cream Pudding (3.95). Pair this along with an after dinner dessert wine or one of their special coffee liquor drinks and you should be good to go.
The Lobby should be open on February 4th to the public, but some said it might be open by this Friday, so you should check to make sure. During the week, hours will be from 8am until 11pm and 12am on Friday and Saturday nights, with Sundays being a day of rest. Formulations are still under way for an exact opening time for The Lobby versus the coffee shop, but lunch will be available. Definitely a place to visit again.

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