Sunday, January 06, 2008

Achtung!! The True Reason My Family Sucks At Driving

Since I am the only male with an all female immediate family, this is the true reason people are scared when we drive. Not because we are Asian, but because it's how are brains are wired. So don't blame us!

Study: Women, gay men share driving flaws

Fri Jan 4, 6:30 PM ET

SUMMARY: Women and gay men are slower to take in spatial information, suggesting it's tougher for them to drive in a strange environment, a UK study shows.

Both women and gay men tend to rely on local landmarks to navigate the road and are slower to take in spatial information, a new U.K. study has shown.

Psychologists at Queen Mary, University of London, say that the findings suggest that these drivers would have a more difficult experience than straight male motorists when driving in a strange environment, The Daily Telegraph of London reported Wednesday.

A group of 140 volunteers took computer-based tests, revealing that gay men, lesbians, and straight women share similar navigational skills. The test showed, however, that women are better able than men to remember the position of objects.

"Gay people appear to show a 'mosaic' of performance, parts of which are male-like and other parts of which are female-like," said Qazi Rahman, who led the research team, in the article. (The Advocate)
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