Saturday, January 12, 2008

To Those That Support Ron Paul...

So recently it has come out that Ron Paul had released newsletters with his name on the overhead supporting racist statements. While these newsletters may have come out years ago, they were still were published with the Ron Paul name. Ron Paul has tried to distance himself from these letters by saying he did not know that said articles in statement were published, nor was he aware who wrote them. He also goes further by saying that he has never "spoke" these sentiments aloud. Obviously I have a problem with this excuse. Ron Paul decides to never take responsibility for what was said in his name, nor does he say he never "thought" the thoughts written in the newsletters. In a way, it is a convenient way for one to say that one never had these thoughts that were published in one's name. Ron Paul falls into the "Libertarian" idea of thought.

Most libertarians would like the government to vanish from intruding in their lives and have people decide their own fate. Unluckily, most of the Libertarians I have met are more to the right side of politics and have the view that "those which are the fittest survive." It may also be no surprise that most of the Libertarians that I have met are White and well off.

While some of Ron Pauls's policies may seem promising and hopeful to a Nation in need of help, many of his ideas include that many people are actually left out of the picture. In a society that many Democrats want to create in which you would be covered by health insurance, many Libertarians believe that a community would support those that can't afford it. It you can't find a community to support your endeavor for full coverage then that is your fault, not the governments. With this thought, people will be left to their own devices.

Many Libertarians do not consider the ideas of race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, age nor sex in their ideas of politics, Yet, they still describe what would be best for this Nation. A Nation in which those that can afford help achieve it and those who can't rarely meet it.

While I agree that we need third party candidates, I also believe that we need candidates whom are fair and just. Believing that the government has too much control in your life has little standing when life is filled with racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, and religious bigotry, When people are fully treated according to who they are rather than who they "could" be or "should" be, then the Libertarians can have their say.

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