Thursday, September 04, 2008

Just to Be "Fair and Balanced"

Part of the key to winning a debate is knowing what is factual and what is not. So believe me when I say I read and analyze what Obama has to say as well. I watched his acceptance speech and was disappointed in how little he mentioned more social issues such as gay marriage and abortion (both admittedly very controversial and could easily sway votes). But I watched Palin and will watch McCain tonight to see what they have to say concerning these issues very dear to me (note, even with her strong stances of being anti-choice, and against gay marriage, Palin did not mention these issues once in her speech, OUTRIGHT. Omission speaks volumes as well.) In the meantime, here are some facts stretched by Obama concerning McCain...

FactChecking Obama
August 29, 2008
He stuck to the facts, except when he stretched them.
We checked the accuracy of Obama's speech accepting the Democratic nomination, and noted the following:

* Obama said he could “pay for every dime” of his spending and tax cut proposals “by closing corporate loopholes and tax havens.” That’s wrong – his proposed tax increases on upper-income individuals are key components of paying for his program, as well. And his plan, like McCain’s, would leave the U.S. facing big budget deficits, according to independent experts.

* He twisted McCain’s words about Afghanistan, saying, “When John McCain said we could just 'muddle through' in Afghanistan, I argued for more resources.” Actually, McCain said in 2003 we “may” muddle through, and he recently also called for more troops there.

* He said McCain would fail to lower taxes for 100 million Americans while his own plan would cut taxes for 95 percent of “working” families. But an independent analysis puts the number who would see no benefit from McCain’s plan at 66 million and finds that Obama’s plan would benefit 81 percent of all households when retirees and those without children are figured in.

* Obama asked why McCain would "define middle-class as someone making under five million dollars a year"? Actually, McCain meant that comment as a joke, getting a laugh and following up by saying, "But seriously ..."

* Obama noted that McCain’s health care plan would "tax people’s benefits" but didn’t say that it also would provide up to a $5,000 tax credit for families.

* He said McCain, far from being a maverick who’s "broken with his party," has voted to support Bush policies 90 percent of the time. True enough, but by the same measure Obama has voted with fellow Democrats in the Senate 97 percent of the time.

* Obama said "average family income" went down $2,000 under Bush, which isn't correct. An aide said he was really talking only about "working" families and not retired couples. And – math teachers, please note – he meant median (or midpoint) and not really the mean or average. Median family income actually has inched up slightly under Bush.

Of course, the rest can be read here.

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