Thursday, August 31, 2006

Up This Late, Why The Hell Not

The first pic here is of two good friends of mine that go wayyyy back. Casey, on the left, who now cuts my hair at Salon W (North 74th and May) I've partied since I was about fifteen or sixteen at punk rock shows. The same goes for the beautiful Kim next to her. Her now husband, Kevin, and her have shown me some great and often still laughed at times. The next pic is obviously of a rainbow I took while hanging at Border's (something I really enjoy doing) while reading and drinking some green tea. I just thought it was a nice pic and it shows that aesthetically pleasing things do not always have to be bought or found in a magazine or bar. Anyway, the rest of the pics are mostly pretty things that can be found in bars. Shout out to Benji and Chai, the two obviously not in a bar, who are some talented, down to Earth people. Alrighty, its bed time for me, ciao.

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