Saturday, September 02, 2006

Curry Just Doesn't Burn Your Mouth (and Ass), Little Miss Sunshine, and The Often Well Intending but Stupid Actions of Parents

It is a beautiful Sat morning and I figured I'de write a few words as my curry cooks on the stove. On that point, as I was adding some Bangladesh Chilli Powder to my green curry concoction of okra (thank you Dann), bamboo shoots, carrots, peas, mushrooms and of course TOFU!, I smelled the powder, inhalling deeply(mistake #1), to make sure it was still fresh. This caused a tornado of burning sneezes, which caused me to wash my hands, but not thoroughly enough (mistake #2). I then proceeded to douse my face with water (mistake #3), and yeah you can guess what got into my eyes. If anybody has ever been pepper sprayed (I have), it was a minor version of the "OH MY FUCKING GOD" feeling you get. But the Curry looks and tastes good. Do not worry Dann, I'll bring some to work for you.

Barring any more kitchen mishaps, today should be nice. I also advise to those who have not to go see Little Miss Sunshine in theaters right now. I usually do not rant about movies, but this is a good one. My friend Jason and I saw the film last night after I got off (from work). Segments of the half full theater laughed sporadically at certain points, but by the end we were all laughing. The whole cast played their parts well, especially Toni Collett (as always), Steve Carell (he can do serious things and still be funny), and Greg Kinnear. Of course the star was Abigail Breslin, who plays the little girl (Olive) wanting to be Little Miss Sunshine. If you like independent, often true to life comedy and quirky situations then see this film, if not, go see Crank (which I have not seen) because Jason Statham is hot and shirtless as usual (when is he not?). The film (Sunshine) has some poignant things to say about life and family, as these films usually do.

If anything, I would recommend this film to the people that were featured on a story on CNN Headline News this morning. You can find this story under the title "Would you pay to help your kid grow taller?" I found the parents is this segment, the ones paying for their children's hormone injections to grow taller, very apalling. I know that is elitist, but let me explain, as does the Bio-ethicist does in the segment. Many of these parents believe that they will be giving their children (all sons in this segment) a better life (opportunities with jobs, marriage, self-esteem)if the can make them taller. Their intentions are well, but badly executed. Not only are they upholding stereotypes of what makes men and masculinity (not addressed in the segment) in our society, but they are telling their children their is something wrong with them by giving them these injections (which average out to $20,000 per inch I believe). What image do we send our children when we buy them acceptance? Is that any different than the father who uses plastic surgery to make his daughter happily conform to what society believes is feminine and beautiful, Hell No!. Not only are sexist attitudes further layed down for another generation, but the idea that you can fix problems with yourself with enough money, scapels and hormones is appalling and frightening. There is a scene in Little Miss Sunshine where Olive, feels good about herself due to some positive encouragement from members of her family. That is what should be encouraged, not the chopping and injecting of our bodies.

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