Friday, September 15, 2006

So I Might Have E-Coli

So I am watching CNN Headline news this morning (how shocking) as I am eating my fake egg, fresh spinach (?), mozzarella omelette whole wheat wrap and guess what the fuck comes on?!?!!? I am almost completely finished with the dish and then the latest headlines pop up and the t.v. screams "SPINACH WARNING!" What!!? Yeah, they show the bag spinach (I USED to buy weekly) and say recently bought products should be discarded because one man has died and others have gotten sick from E-Coli! So besides the fact I have had a soar throat all week and sound like a 80 year smoker, I might have E-coli. I knew food would always do me in. I've had sea urchin, raw oysters, and snake blood and survived, but if some spinach gets me I'll be one pissed off ghost.

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