Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring is Here

So it has been a minute since I've made a post. Well I've been kinda busy. Work is been kicking in high gear with all the catering parties, benefit events, prom parties, and the hetero ritual of celebrating the birth of babies and the officiation of two people in love.
I've also been taking in the beautiful weather as of late, not so much today. Last weekend I was able to hit the Science Museum Oklahoma (formerly the Omniplex). Doug and I had both heard that the Museum had been revamped and had characteristics. It did, but it also had quite a few exhibits that we remembered from our youths, mine being a little further back than his, that were in need of repair. What we did fine amazing was their star exhibit, "Our Body: The Universe Within." I do not have the proper words for the exhibit, but it was amazing and sometimes nauseating, but well worth the 25.00 each. I definitely encourage everyone to check it out before it leaves in early May.
Since we were in the location we, more so me, decided to go ahead and hit the Zoo. Not a wise decision since it was a Saturday. Absence of children is one of the reasons I work in a higher end restaurant. Well, I went from high end to freaking Chucky Cheese. Besides the rugrats, the Zoo did have some really nice new exhibits, including the "Oklahoma Exhibit" featuring all wildlife and plants in Okiehoma. Worth the seven dollars, but go near the end of the day. Doug and I saw much more of the animals as the human ones disappeared. Much more relaxing and peaceful.
On a different day we also hit the Myriad Botanical Gardens which is celebrating being open 20 years. They have a tropical themed exhibit to go along with some recent renovations. It is beautiful. Actually here are some pics I took to help you visualize.

Doug hates pictures so all the ones I got of him were side profiles and that was the only one I caught him laughing. It was nice to get to hang out with someone that can appreciate nature and the outdoors as much as I do. That is not a trait you find in many gay men. More so, he was able to tell me various names and species of plants and birds since he has an interest in them. You want me to shut up, teach me something.
Besides our outside explorations we visited sushi bars, wine bars, movies, coffee shops, and the bars. So all in all it is no surprise I got a little under the weather by the time his four day visit ended on Tues. Well, that and crazy allergies. That and work have kept me busy. And I nearly spent six hundred dollars this week on furniture and art for my bedroom. It looks damn good though. I could right more, but I gotta eat some food and head to work. Get outside and enjoy some green!

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Dave said...

Ewwww... fresh air, sunlight!!! Ahhhh!