Friday, June 23, 2006

Dinner, Movie and the Start of Pride Weekend

So Pride Weekend has began and the Earth will end as we know it. Lock the doors and put on your chasity belts because the heathen holiday is upon us and I love it. So I began my night (being done with work, errands and the gym already) by taking in a documentary at the Harkins Theater in Bricktown. In true form, I was reminded why I do not like Bricktown as there was a baseball game keeping me from arriving on time to the event. The film Inlaws & Outlaws was Drew Emery's look at marraige in this day and age. What made this film so spectacular (besides the people interviewed) was the way the clips were set up to show how much alike straight and gay relationships are. The basis of which include love, trust, commitment, sacrifice, and most of all "that special feeling." This film is also worth seeing because it also lends towards the breakdown of stereotypes that older couples can not be sensual or enthusiatic about love, as these stories were the most memorable in my mind. I would have liked to see more people of color presented in the film, but I'll make due with what was done. After seeing the inspiring and heartbreaking stories, it switches to clips concerning people's ideas of who should get married. For some reasons while I obviously believe anyone should be able to marry the person they love and am surrounded by those who believe otherwise, as these views were presented after these beautiful stories they seemed as backward as the seperation of races or the Earth being flat. Please see this film, and by the way, one of the most memorable couples (Pete-e and Jane, I loved them) will be the grand marshalls this Sunday at the Gay Pride Festival so go see the film (this weekend at Harkins only) and see them Sunday at the Parade.
Afterwards, I flew over to Sushi Neko to have a late dinner. Ok, I looovveee sushi and I loooooveee Sushi Neko so check it out sometime. My favorite thing to do is go up there, have a glass of Clo Du Bois Cabernet, some sushi, some reading of the latest issue of the Oklahoma Gazzete and some conversation with either Ali or Chris the bartenders. Chris was working tonite and in our conversation informed me that it was they manager Faye's birthday the next day and shw was celebrating at the Electro Lounge, which is a cool, little, swanky bar. SO I head over there and paid my respects. The bartender/manager/owner/ cool guy gave Faye a present of whip-cream-on-your-face, then-on the-towl-I-give-you-to-clean-up, and a nice-squirt-down-with-his-soda-gun. Check it out sometime, they have Hoegaarden on tap, Rosemount shiraz and Rumplemintz. Awesome.
Afterwards, I trucked it back to the Park, my home for work and pleasure. Where I finished the night out with some cool, and not so cool people. So whatever you do come out support your people if you are queer, or your friends or family if you are not (yes, many of my straight freinds come out for the festivities (?)) and be merry. See you all later.

The Asian Invasian is coming for you! Taiwan and Japan have joined forces and will rule the world. Not bad for two little islands. ;)

Faye getting creamed and the owner with the "dirty" rag.

Faye and her hot roomate and co-worker. Go see him at Sushi Neko for lunch. He...I mean it is a full course meal.

To Finish it off, WWTD? (What Should Timmy Do?)HHHHHHHmmmm, that is another blog entry by itself.

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