Sunday, June 25, 2006

Night Before the Storm

Ok, so gay pride "day" is tommorow, or later today, and it is going to kick our ass's (those that work at the bars). As I was working today, I was met with a stillness (i.e. boredom of no patrons) for two hours. Kid you not, about 30 people walked in consequently within about 15 mins of each other. The business maintained this pace until I was relieved and even grew during that time. Luckily, to escape the madness my boss invited myself and another co-worker to his friend's house. The hour we spent at this Nichols Hill's party we were surrounded by some of the most beautiful young and older wealthy gentlemen in a long time. Anyway, we soon had to return to the Park to make sure David could handle the load and it was BUSY. It was balls to the wall crowded and Taylor and I barhopped in hopes of actually being able to obtain a drink. We ended up back at the Park to re-meet our friends from the previous party. Yum.

Taylor and I at the fabulous party next to birdhouse that costs more than I make in a year.

3rd picture. This is a shot of the Park at about 11pm. Crazy busy!!!

4th picture. Kent Huntmaker (My all time super crush and has a hot name to boot), me and a friend of his.

5th picture. Aaaahhh yeah! Need I really say anything. Happy fucking pride.

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