Monday, June 26, 2006

Some More Pride Pics

Crazy Day!!!! It was fun, but we (the staff at The Park/ Wreck Room/Angles) are all very happy it is over. Whew, Good points: made some new friends, saw ALOT of people I had not seen in years, and made some dough. Bad Points: I am sore as hell today (not like you think sickos), glitter, I was exposed to more secondhand smoke than I inhaled in the 10 years that I did smoke, and did I say glitter? Some pics not just from yesterday. Can't wait till next year (actually I really can). Alright, gotta go to the gym, Ciao.

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Xina Andres said...

Looks all have a good time... Happy photos ;)

xoxo Xina@Adam4Adam