Saturday, July 21, 2007

Taiwan: River Rafting and More Gorgeous Hotsprings!!

So on this day my family and I did some white water rapids. Like most good things it was about another two hour drive with my crazy cousin driving (it seems crazy runs in the family). Like most Taiwanese driving, it scared the heeebeejeebees out of me. When we made it to our destination I opted to not bring my camera along lest we tip over. It was fun, the white water wasn't that 'intense.' It was more for families. Nonetheless, there was about 20 rafts of people with us so there was constant water wars with mini buckets provided by the staff for the rambucious kiddies. It felt good to do some physical activity besides walking, and was a nice float with beautiful scenery.

After the "rapids", we headed across the street to a local hotel/resort that housed some hotsprings. This one was differed from the previous one in that ut catered to couples and adults as opposed to families with kids. There was a public hot spring area (for the breeders who had bred) or you could rent little private rooms. We split into two groups and enjoyed some down time for a bit. The room held a spectacular view of the local scenery. The warm spring water with some cool Heinekens made for nice rest after the rafting. Another feature of these hot springs is an area where spa goers are able to boil some eggs in some 100 (Celsius!) water. Pretty nifty. The eggs are often complimentary for those in your party with extra ones available for purchase. Enjoy the pics.

Me, scared as hell from my cousin's driving.

View of the resort.

Another view. Take in the beauty!

A picture of our quiant little abode.

View from the room.

Very nice, but it would have been nicer if I could have shared it with someone besides my cousins.

Sis and I.

My crazy driving cousin cooking some eggs in hot spring water.

My two cousins and thier girlfriends. Love them.

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