Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tokyo Day 2

So Tues, was our first full day in Tokyo. We had planned to take a tour in the morning, but we were misquoted a time and missed the departure time. So we scheduled one for the afternoon. It was all tours are, hurried, usually focusing on what you do not want to see and boring. This one wasn't that bad. I am just more of a walk around the city and learn the layout myself kinda guy, and if I get lost it is all the more likely that I am going to remember my way around next time.

Some highlights was the Asuska Buddhist Temple/ shopping area. This is the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo, having survived past city fires and the devastation of WWII. Being such an old place it was so crowded, due to a local holiday, that I could hardly feel any spiritual connection whatsoever. The Imperial Temple was beautiful, well the outside was since it is closed off to the public. Dinner was great that night, except the experience was partly marred due to the family's close contact all day and jet lag. So what did I do, I went for a drink at the local gay bar(s).

It was a blast. The gay "area" was about ten minutes away from our hotel. We stayed in Shinjuku and the gay bars were present in an area called Shinjuku-Ni Chome (Two-Chome). The area has about two-hundred bars, including bath-houses, "sex cafes", and plenty of drinking spots. I went to several bars and got a good idea of the variety. Granted I was confined to bars that would welcome non-Japanese speaking tourists, it was still a good descriptor of the scene. I had soo much fun with some new friends that time slipped away (hey! I was still on Oklahoma time which is the complete opposite so I was wide awake at their 4 am!) that it was about 6 am before I made it back to the room. To my surprise, not really, my mom had gone to the police!! We soon got a hold of each other and after some bitching got things squared away. My sister, who was with my mom at the police station, told me that my mother told them I was 27 and they laughed at her. DON'T laugh at my mom. She yelled at them. They calmed down and asked her for a description, she said I had blue hair and they laughed again, and even harder!! She started crying! Poor over-protective mother. I love her, but jeez I am 27. Till next time.

Breakfast at hotel. American and Chinese style food. Pretty freaking good dim-sum.

My mom, sister, and the rain at the heart of Shinjuku, the "Shinjuku Subway/Train Depot."

Many delis are abound with loads of varieties of food for the picking.

Another view of Shinjuku station. This is not even near crowded!

One view of Japan from the 40th of floor.

Asuska Buddhist Temple (oldest in Japan) and market.

The Asuska market!!!

My Rickshaw staff awaits my return!! Notice the nicely shaped thighs!

Us outside the Imperial Palace. My connections couldn't come through that day.

Sushi Dinner!! Hhhhmmmmm, hhhmmm, hhhhhmmmm, good.

A view of a Japanese gay bar in "Shinkuju-Ni Chome", "Logos." Lots of fun!

New friends!! Carlos (an American) and Finn (from Germany, living in Japan). Thank you guys for showing me around and getting me in deep trouble with my mom.

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