Monday, July 16, 2007

Taiwan Day 2

On this day we had a grand ole lunch with much of the family, nothing spectacular. Just some buffet style food and a restaurant full of ten million kids and parents that seemed unconcerned with whom their children were terrorizing. More about the Asian kid phenomenon later, it deserves a full blog entry unto itself.

Anyway, what stood out about today was the evening dinner we had that was atop a mountain. The ride up there was graciously provided by an uncle, who by the way had been drinking all day and playing Mah-jong as well. Every time I've seen people, usually older men, play this game I think they are required to have alcohol and smoke as many cigarettes as possible (Dann's house on poker night in the winter). So the street up the mountain was just that. A one lane windy, curvy street that caused great alarm in my sister and I.

Finally arriving at our destination, I forgave the kamikaze driving for the view I received atop the mountain where the restaurant lay. The view was breathtaking and miles of land could be seen in all directions. The valley that held a city below us had a slight layer of fog resting on it and the nearby mountains were accented by the heavy storm clouds lurking behind them. It was about sunset so the scenery was breathtaking (pictures below). The food was pretty good, and I even tried the turtle soup. Hey! I said I would try new things and I did. No comment on the taste. Alrighty enjoy the pics, talk at you later.

My aunt Sophia and her two children, Satan's spawn #1 and Satan's spawn #2.

Some cousins, my grandfather, and I enjoying some food with about five thousands kids.

My mother and her sisters. Seriously, I wouldn't mess with these women. My friends know I am not lying about my mom.

Scene from atop the mountain.

I can't tell which is more breathtaking!!

As the sun sets...

I promise I was smiling. That is, I was smiling until my mother told me the main course was turtle soup. The poor turtles!

Freaking beautiful! Wish I could have shared this with someone. Besides the many children who insisted on touching the guy with blue hair's hair.

Turtle soup...Yeah. Can't say much about this one. Kinda salty, that's about it.

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