Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tokyo Day 4

So Thursday was our last full day in Tokyo and it was a doozy. Busy and on the go, my dogs were barking before lunch time. Oh, but it all added up to a good last day. We started off at the world famous fish market. While we missed the hardcore action, I still got the freshest sushi in the world from one of the nicest host/chefs I have ever met.

Then we went to the anime geek capital of the world, Otaku. This area is where many an anime/ tech lover can find their full desires. Full of manga stores, I saw more jap anime fans that the Los Angeles Comicon. This is also the place you go when you want anything to do with gaming, as evidenced by the pics of the Nintendo station i found.

Then we hightailed it back to the Shibuya district's Harajuku area to see the Meiji Shrine (Shinto Shrine) and do more shopping.

Line to get into a sushi restaurant at the Tujiski Fish Market. Each place held about 8 - 12 people.

Freshest plate of Sushi I've EVER had in my life. It seriously melted in my mouth.

The nicest, most helpful, sushi chef, host I have ever met. Look up his restaurant at...

We are happy fish lovers!!

Otaku, perfect for gamers and anime freeks.

Rare picture of me holding sweets!

At the entrance to the Meiji Shrine in Shibuya -Harajuku district.

The courtyard of the shrine.

My sis with some of the locals.

Harajuku shopping street!! Yeah, and it isn't even X-mas!

Oh yes I did! I sure as hell met Snoopy at the Snoopy store. Ok, maybe it was a doll, but it was cool anyway.

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