Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Yo! Tokyo Day 1

So sorry about the delay of these postings, but my computer had a virus and I had to wipe it clean, which can be good and bad. Lose all your stuff, but hey no baggage! Anyway to catch up, I am here in Japan and I am doing postings to let everyone know that I am doing alright and how much fun I am having. The trip over here was about 18 hours total which is pretty nice considering that is a little longer than it takes to get to Taiwan directly. Yeah, had not really been able to sleep before I left and sure as hell didn't sleep on the plane. I have trouble sleeping anyway, especially on moving things, and the snotty kid whose parents didn't care really didn't help by kicking my seat.
So we finally made it and got to our hotel which is a business hotel. It has the basics but that is about it. The size of the room is about barely bigger than my living room. That's fine until I mention that I am sharing it with my mom and sister. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. walked learned the layout of the area and had some good food. and tried to adjust to the time difference. In case you are wondering, to those in OK (Central) time zone. Say, right now it is 10:17 pm here, in OK it is 8:17 am. Wednesday is over here and you guys are just starting your hump day. Alrighty, I had a looonnggg night last night and I am very tired so I will leave you with some picks and talk to you tommorow.
Ok it seems my computer is being a Chin chin and I am kinda busy now, so I will add pics later. Oh wait! Now it is updated!!!!

Picture of a Shinto shrine outside our hotel.

Lunch at one the many Udon noodle shops and some

I am not exaggerating when I say the room was small. Look at me in proportion the bathroom door!

A pic of the toilet controls. Every bathroom has a bidet and whatnot. These should be mandatory for all gay men's homes.

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