Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Asian Invasion (and some whities) Invade the Fair

About two Sundays ago, my sisters and I went to the fair. We allowed some others to come along in case we needed them to fetch any snacks and drinks or carry anything for us. In the case of Dann, it was so we could make fun of him. If you do not believe me, watch his progression in the pics. The sun was glaring and when caught off the right direction of my brother-in-laws head, Jeff, could blind anyone (pic # 4). Luckily, Veronica's friend did not throw up this year on a ride! Pic five is the whole crew in line for the space needle and pic six is right before Jeff almost got us thrown off the ride my getting up and touching the glass, which is a big no-no we found out. We then scouted off for David's fascination with all that is fried!! After a bite of my sister's funnel cakes, Dann's curly fries and David's fried snickers I almost had a diebetic coma. Unluckily for everyone else the sugar hit me as everyone else was winding down and I started bouncing up and down with a third wind. Pic #9: Dann + lots of semi-warm beer + heat + lots of okies = sunburnt, drunk Dann!! But pic 10 shows a much happier Dann when I tell him I'll buy him a drink at sushi neko and give him the latest Sean Cody Porn. What a day!

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