Friday, October 06, 2006

Healthy Knowledge

Yeah, so spinach is mostly safe to eat. Well the non-bagged from anywhere but southern California. So I made myself this spinach, red chard, romaine and radicchio salad with a trail mix I purchased from the fair and mozzarella. HHHmmmmmmmmm. For a liitle protein (teehee) I made myself a grilled tuna wrap with mozzarella and salsa. Protein-ey. But anyway, besides most spinach being safe and the culprits behind the mishap being closer to being caught, I caught wind of another way in which people are keeping themselves in shape, mentally.
This story will have gamers, especially David quoting this story for years as proof that gaming is good. Once again on CNN Headline News, researchers have found out that certain types of activity help stay-off the affects of Alzheimer's disease. That is old news. What is new though, is even video games, such as the Gameboy by Nintendo can help as well. Well, that is certain games such as the Gameboy DS's games Brain Drain and Suduko games. I do not think such games as Resident Evil or Grand Theft Auto fall into this category, but Resident Evil does scare the shit out of me. So much so I wouldn't play it alone or at night, especially alone at night. Scary. So anyway kiddies, keep those brains a rolling and don't forget your veggies. Sound mind, sound body, sound soul = long life and lots of great sex. j/k, or am I? Oh yeah, I think someone has forgotten that they said a certain CORAL PINK DS Light would be mine. I didn't forget!