Thursday, October 12, 2006

Twainese Culture Goodwill Mission Troupe

So last weeek, Oklahomans were allowed a sliver of what Taiwan has to offer in it's culture department. The event was not widely publicized (outside the Asian media), which may have been a good thing for my sister in this case, and held at Classen High School. The troupe was celebrating the spirit of Taiwan's culture and on a mission to bring information about Taiwan to the rest of the world. In case you do not know, my mother's side is from Taiwan. Also, the Taiwanese people are in a quest for independence from China and since Bush has taken office, has received little support from this administration (rememeber Clinton and the cruisers he sent to the Straight of Taiwan?) in 1996 (Clinton has since received flak for criticism he has leveled at newly elected Taiwanese offcials for not being more diplomatic). Anyway, my family, David and I attended this event last week. It was also celebarting the upcoming Harvest Moon, which is a time many Asian and EuroAsian countries recognize as the changing of the seasons and one in which to give thanks (like Thanksgiving here). You might have noticed THE Harvest Moon last Friday night as the moon was 12% closer to the Earth than any other part of the year. The show itself was very entertaining, except it got to a late start. For some strange reason someone shot mace into the crowd. I wonder who that could be? If you notice the pics, the one with my mom and Willard is my mom giving her death threat eyes to my sister and David, behind her and next to me. The pic with Veronica and David was assinged the number value of "dsc01666", hhhhmmm seems very queer to me that they would get the marking of the beast. Then again no it doesn't. Needless to say, after the building was aired out, (luckily I was visiting the little men's room when the attack happened and not affected) and the four rows of people seated around us returned to their seats, the show got underway. Luckily for whoever it was, Governor Henry was not able to attend that night. Just think, macing the govenor. That would have been a story.

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