Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cheesecake Factory...Don't Do It!!

So my family, some friends and I decided to try out the newly opened Cheesecake Factory in OK. So we get another chain restaraunt and more chain quality food. The main thing about these places (chains that is) is that they go for a gimmick or theme (cheesecakes, variety, family themed, or fast and cheap) at the expense of other comforts. The Cheesecake Factory is no exception. It was already at a disadvantage with me since it had already taken away about 150 parking spots (from the building alone!!) while being built from gym-goers at the mall. So David, Dann and I wait about 30-40 mins on a Tuesday night while the family gets there. Felicia, (AKA Fifi) is late and last as usually. Besides being ultra busy, bad for any first experience, we get a waiter whom we are about 99.9% sure has never waited tables before in his life. Between those at the table we have about 15 - 16 years of experience in the service industry (about 12 -13 between Fifi and I alone) and my sister's nickname when we go out to eat is "Ming the Merciless" to waiters and managers alike. Summary basics: appetizer sampler very good and could supplement a light meal for 2 - 3 people. Some of the favorites were the avocado rolls, pork dumplings, and corn cakes. Dinner was much more mixed. Fifi and David's meals got lost. Dann's salmon was cold (and it was suposed to be hot, eeeewwwww). My sister Veve and I ordered salads, good thing to do when in a crowded restaraunt. Her chicken ceaser came out chicken ceasery and my ahi-tuna seemed like it had just got done being frozen, but not quite there yet. No one had dessert except Fifi and she got that to go cause after two and half hours of being there that is all we wanted to do was go. Of course, she said it was good. Also, try the Pomegranate Margarita, it is very refreshing, and beware of wine prices. I paid a whopping $10.00 for a glass of Clos Du Bois Merlot!!!! Well, maybe the next excursion will be better. Most of the food pics didn't take cause my camera seemed to agree with the family that the food wasn't that great. Well the salads came out. Till later.

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