Monday, November 17, 2008

Doing It Cobra Style

So it took a minute, but I finally found some time to post some pics from my Dallas excursion. Here is a sampling of them, more can be viewed on Myspace or Facebook. The Cobra Starship show was awesome, the shopping was mostly on sale (hells yeah), food was great (as usual), and the bars were a rocking. I made it a point to hang out with friends I had not seen in a while and meet new ones. I also made it a point to get these people to take me places I had yet to have gone. My enthusiasm paid off in big ways. I made new friends, rekindled friendships and even hung with a lot of people visiting from OKC as I was. I hung out at new bars and had new experiences. I also realized that I have been clinging too much to my independence. I had become set in certain ways and forgot that there are so many things yet to do. That is funny, because most people think of me as hating routine, but I had fallen into one. I had forgotten about all the wonderful things and people I have in my life and what they have to offer. It felt really satisfying to remember that. And I realized that while I would have liked someone there with me, I would really prefer that person to share my same interests. My love of live music, gourmet food, fine wines, thrifty but nice clothing, taking walks outside just to see the area and people. Just being able to relax and not being so strung up was a nice little retreat for me, and that is something I've been doing the last couple of weeks. Surrounding myself with people like me, that don't freak out at everything and can still have a good time, cause it's hard to forget about anxiety and everything else when you are with someone that is more anxious than you are. Well, I've got plenty more to come and plenty more to do. I just got my Katy Perry tickets in the mail today. Taylor, and I are going for our birthdays since the show is in March and I am bringing a friend that enjoys Dallas as much as I do. I am in love again... and its name is Life.

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