Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wine Fest 08

So I think this will have me caught up with my events for now. My friends and I attended the First Annual Wine Fest at 50 Penn Place. It was a two day event that highlighted Oklahoma's local wineries and some local eateries as well. A perfect event for a foodie snob like myself. I had a blast. There were some decent wines, some bad wines and some good wines. The point being I encourage all these small, self started businesses to keep doing what they are doing. Where ever you live, you should purchase and support local businesses, not that I don't buy imports, but it should even out.

I also applaud our local wine industry for recent local legislation that allows them to sell their goods to merchants without a middle man. That is a step for small businesses and for Oklahoma laws overall. See you at the next wine event, which is a benefit for cancer and leukemia hosted by my friend Charles and his neighbor's Jessica and Amber. It will be held at Bin 73, November 24th and costs only $25. Plus it supports a really good cause. Check info here. Anyway, here some pics from the event.

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