Saturday, November 22, 2008

Support Your Local Community

So today is America Unchained. Basically if you are gonna spend your hard earned money, try to do it at local establishments. Eat at that really cool mom and pop restaurant as opposed to the flavor and life sucking chain restaurant. Go have a drink at the hole in the wall you love that your friends pass over for some pub that you can find in most states. Go see a local production or visit your local club and see a local band. Whatever, just experience what we have here for a day and maybe you will find something new that's been there all along.

And you can support a local gay artist, Eric Himan, from Tulsa who plays acoustic/rock music tonight. He will be playing at Galileo's in the Paseo tonight at 9pm. He is really cool, down to earth, socially active and plays good music.
Here is a video of his.

"Little Boy Blue" Music Video

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