Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stop the H8 Rally

So I am still catching up from this past weekend cause it was a doozy. On Sat, November 15th, rallies were held across the world to show support against the passing of Proposition 8 in California which would make all marriages between gays and lesbians null in the eyes of the law. This constitutional amendment is seen as a major set back for gay marriage, especially since it took place in California. I could care less if you believe in gay marriage or want to get married yourself, but I believe in accordance with the Fourteenth Amendment, that marriage is a fundamental right guaranteed to all citizens. People claim they don't care how the church views their relationship, nor do I, but this is in regards to the rights that all married citizens enjoy as ordained by the state and national government. If you don't want to marry the person you love, please don't, that will be one less present I will have to buy, but if you want to share a full and satisfying life with your partner without fear of being fully recognized in a court of law then get off your lazy, selfish asses and donate some time, money, effort or something.

Here are some pics from the local rally. I was impressed so many young people attended, but I was also disappointed by how many people I do know that did not visit this function. Seriously, get off your lazy butts out of bed and do something with your lives. It's not just about work and play. I will be working with some other local activists in the coming months. We have some big plans to get some things done in Oklahoma including local elections. We are tired of the stuffiness and self centered attitude of the older activists and we are disappointed in the apathy and cluelessness we see in the younger generations. And of course I threw in some Margaret Cho cause I can and I love this woman. Love the song.


Rome said...

first... Im pretty sure I work with your boy?(friend) at the gap.... second I saw you out there.... third Im interested in what work you're going to be doing and also how I might be involved

Shimmy said...

Hey, thanks for the message. My friend Brandon does work at the Gap. As to the upcoming work, my friend Brittany Novotny is gathering people and resources that would be interested in working for change. If you have myspace her url is http://www.myspace.com/brittanyn405.
Good to hear from you, hopefully we will be working together to get things done and I enjoy your blog.